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Snapchat Planets Order: A Guide to the Friend Solar System

Ever noticed the little planets popping up next to your best friends’ names on Snapchat?

This quirky feature, known as the Friend Solar System or Snapchat Planets Order, offers a glimpse into your closest Snapchat squad. But what exactly do these planets represent, and how do they determine your cosmic ranking?

Buckle up, space explorers, because we’re diving deep into the Snapchat cosmos to decipher the Friend Solar System and its planetary order.

What is Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets, also known as the Friend Solar System, is a feature available on Snapchat Plus, a subscription service offered by the app. It’s a way to visualize your closest friends on Snapchat based on how often you interact with them.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Exclusivity: This feature is only available to users who subscribe to Snapchat Plus.
  • Visualization: It displays your eight closest Snapchat friends as planets orbiting you, who occupies the central Sun position.
  • Ranking System: The closer the planet is to the Sun (you), the more you interact with that friend (snaps, chats). So, Mercury (closest planet) represents your absolute BFF, while Neptune (farthest planet) signifies your eighth closest friend.
  • Dynamic Nature: The ranking isn’t permanent. As your Snapchat interactions with friends change, the planets representing them will shift positions in your solar system.
  • Friend Emojis: These emojis displayed next to the planets offer additional context about your friendship with that person (playful, secretive, etc.).
  • Limited Perspective: You only see your perspective of the Friend Solar System. You won’t see the exact planetary order or Friend Emojis you have assigned to others on their profiles.

What is Snapchat Planets Order?

The Friend Solar System or Snapchat Planets Order on Snapchat functions similarly to real-life best friend circles, with you occupying the central position as the Sun. The planets orbiting you represent your closest friends on the platform, with each planet signifying a specific rank within your best friend list.

Here’s a breakdown of the eight planets in Snapchat Planets Order and their corresponding meanings:

1. Mercury (Red Planet with Five Red Hearts)

Snapchat planets Order: Mercury

This fiery planet represents your absolute BFF – the friend you exchange the most snaps and chats with on Snapchat.

2. Venus (Pink, Yellow, and Blue Planet with Five Hearts)

Snapchat planets Order: Venus

The second closest friend in your Snapchat orbit. Venus signifies a strong bond with frequent interaction.

3. Earth (Blue and Green Planet with Moon)

Snapchat planets Order Earth

Occupying the Earth position indicates a solid friendship with consistent communication, though perhaps not quite as frequent as Mercury or Venus.

4. Mars (Red Planet)

Snapchat planets Order mars

Mars represents your fourth closest friend. While the connection remains strong, snaps and chats might be slightly less frequent compared to the inner planets.

5. Jupiter (Brown Planet with Great Red Spot):

Snapchat planets Order: jupiter

The giant of the Snapchat solar system signifies your fifth best friend. There’s a good friendship foundation, but interactions might be less frequent than the planets closer to the Sun.

6. Saturn (Yellow Planet with Rings)


Residing on Saturn indicates a place among your good friends on Snapchat. Communication might be less frequent, but the bond is still present.

7. Uranus (Blue Planet)


Being placed on Uranus signifies a friend you enjoy connecting with on Snapchat, but interactions might be more sporadic.

8. Neptune (Blue Planet)


The farthest planet from the Sun in your Snapchat solar system represents your eighth closest friend. While you might not snap as often, a friendly connection still exists.

Important Note: The Friend Solar System is dynamic. As your Snapchat interactions with friends fluctuate, the planets representing them will shift accordingly. So, the friend who holds the Mercury position today might become your Venus friend tomorrow, depending on your snapping habits.

Friend Emojis in Snapchat Planets

While the Snapchat Planets offer a general idea of your Snapchat best friend rankings, the Friend Emojis add another layer of detail. These emojis appear next to the planets and represent the specific way you interact with your friends.

Some common Friend Emojis includes:

Smiling face: This emoji signifies a standard best friend connection.

Grimacing face: This emoji indicates a silly or playful friendship dynamic.

Sunglasses: This emoji suggests a friendship where you share a lot of photos and videos (snaps).

Smirking face: This emoji hints at a secretive or inside-joke-filled friendship.

It’s important to remember that the Snapchat Planets and Friend Emojis only reflect your perspective. You won’t see the exact planetary order or Friend Emojis you have assigned to others on their profiles.

This adds a layer of mystery and can sometimes lead to friendly competition to see who occupies the coveted Mercury position in each other’s solar systems.

FAQs about the Snapchat Planets Order

How can I see my Friend Solar System?

Simply swipe up on a friend’s Bitmoji on your chat screen. Their Friend Solar System, along with your position within it, will be displayed.

Can I control who sees my Snapchat Planets Order?

Unfortunately, there’s no current option to disable the Snapchat Planets Order. However, you can control your privacy settings for other Snapchat features.

What if a friend disappears from my Friend Solar System?

This could indicate a decrease in your Snapchat interactions with that friend, or they might have removed you from their own best friend list.

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The Snapchat Planets Order is a lighthearted feature that adds a touch of fun to your social interactions on the platform. It allows you to see who you exchange the most snaps with and provides a glimpse into your Snapchat best friend squad.

Remember, the Snapchat Planets Order is constantly evolving, reflecting the dynamic nature of your friendships. So, keep snapping, keep chatting, and enjoy navigating your ever-changing Snapchat cosmos!

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