ReviewsA Comprehensive Review about Xfinity

A Comprehensive Review about Xfinity

You might be surprised to know that nearly 3,000 internet providers are operating in the United States. One of them that has gained a lot of popularity recently is Xfinity. It offers different types of services. However, its Internet service is the most popular one. Millions of people are utilizing this service for a decent Internet connection.

In this article, we are going to review this service completely. The data we will discuss will help you know if this service is any good for you or not. Let’s start.

What is Xfinity?

Xfinity is an entertainment and communication company owned by Comcast. It was launched more than a decade ago. Since then, it has provided quality Internet and cable services to its users. Most of these services are provided individually. However, the company might offer them in the form of a bundle as well.

Its Internet service is what has made the company more popular. What impressed us the most was its wide range of bundles. These bundles are carefully tailored according to the needs of different types of users. For example, a suitable package for a gamer will have a different nature than one for a student.

Xfinity markets itself in a very clever way. It uses the 10G word while doing it. Users are tricked into believing that it has a 10G speed (similar to 4G, 5G, etc.) However, that is untrue. In actuality, this term denotes the service’s ability to process 10GB of data per second.

 Also, this service isn’t as fast as 5G.

 Services of Xfinity:

The company offers the following major services:


As discussed earlier, it is the main service. It includes different packages and offers very decent speed.

Cable television:

The company also provides cable television service. Although not very popular, it covers a large range of channels. They are related to almost everything including news, sports, and entertainment.

Home phone:

There are not many people that use home phones anymore. Still, the company is providing these services to the users who do. It comes with the features of call waiting and voicemail.

Xfinity Internet Review:

Xfinity Internet is one of the best services when it comes to being diverse in packages. You get to choose from the following bundle options:

Bundle nameDownload speedUpload speedPriceNo. of supported devices
Connect75 Mbps5 Mbps$45/month8
Connect More300 Mbps10 Mbps$55/month12
Fast400 Mbps10 Mbps$65/month12+
Superfast800 Mbps10 Mbps$75/monthUnlimited
Gigabit1000 Mbps20 Mbps$85/monthUnlimited
Gigabit Extra1200 Mbps35 Mbps$95/monthUnlimited

As you can see, the details of packages increase with a certain pattern. The cheapest bundle will cost you $45/month. This price increases by $10 with each next package. This gives you a lot of choices.


The details of the Internet speeds for different packages are already given above. However, you might be disappointed to know that you may not get the exact speed. We tried using the Fast and Connect More package during our testing. We experienced an average speeds of 220 Mbps (Connect More) and 360 Mbps (Fast).

This speed depends on different factors. So, it’s possible that some users may get the exact speed according to their package.


This feature is what we loved the most about this service. There is no requirement for you to sign an annual contract. This implies that you are free to end your membership whenever you choose. On the other hand, there could be some cost savings available if you pay for one or two years in advance.


Just like any major Internet provider, Xfinity gives you two different options for installation. In the professional installation method, you will have to pay from $40 to $100. The kit is free for some regions. Others have to pay around $15 for it.

The other option is self-installation which is free.

Data usage limit:

This service gives you a 1.2 TB data limit for each month. This is a very large amount of data. It is impossible for a general user to exceed this limit. In case you exceed, you have to option of paying $10 for every extra 50Gb you use. This limit maxes out at $100. Besides this, there’s an option of paying $30 extra to get unlimited data each month.

Xfi Complete:

This is one of the most popular bundles of Xfinity Internet. That is because it has an exclusive nature and comes with several perks. It costs only around $25/month. With this, you get:

  • High-speed Internet
  • Unlimited data after the 1.2 TB limit.
  • Free Xfinity Pods for dead WiFi spots at your home.
  • Advanced security features.
  • Free gateway upgrade after 3 years.

After testing this service completely, we think that using the Xfi Complete bundle is beneficial. That is because it costs only $25 and gives you unlimited data. Not to mention you have to pay an extra $30 to get an unlimited data option after exceeding the 1.2 TB limit in a normal package.

Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of this service are given below:


  • It offers multiple package bundles.
  • The Internet speed is usually constant.
  • It has a high data limit of 1.2TB.
  • It offers both professional and self-installation options.


  • The prices may vary according to your region.
  • There’s a chance that the prices may go up at any time.

Final Words:

Xfinity is a popular Internet provider service in the United States. It offers different types of services for communication and the Internet. They include cable TV, Internet, and home phone. However, its Internet service is a lot more popular. That is because it offers a very good range of bundle packages. Users can pick the one according to their requirements. We have reviewed this service comprehensively in the information given above.

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Do we get the exact speed as described in the Xfinity bundles?

No. You may not get the exact speed as described in the Internet bundle.

Does this service offer unlimited data?

No. There’s a limit of 1.2 TB. However, you can have the unlimited option by paying extra money.

Which Xfinity Internet package is the best?

This depends on your requirements and budget. You can compare different bundles and see which one suits you the best.

Can I keep an eye on my package via anything?

Yes. Xfi app can help you keep an eye on your subscribed package. 

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