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HypeDrop Ceased? Best Alternatives to Use

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Do you like surprises like my girlfriend? If so, then you may be familiar with HypeDrop – a platform that provides individuals with mystery boxes. This platform is going to end because it has ceased website operations due to multiple reasons. Fortunately, you have a little time to replace your order because on July 26, 2024, they will close taking orders.

After closer, they will continue to withdraw orders. I know you are concerned about its closure, don’t worry! I have gathered a list of the best HypeDrop alternatives for you.

Let’s start!

HypeDrop – What is It?

HypeDrop is an online web-based platform that enables its users to unbox mystery boxes and get rewards in return. Further, it allows them to open boxes mystery boxes against their friends in Box Battle. This platform is cutting off its services because of several reasons from the internet on July 26, 2024.

It was launched in 2019, and people showed them respect and trust, but now it is coming to an end. Gyati Gyuth, the CEO of HypeDrop, announced that he is going to cease HypeDrop and HypeUp with the aim of developing HypeDrop 2.0 in the future.

Is HypeDrop Legit?

The discussion about HypeDrop has been in trend since its launch in 2019. Most people trust this website and many were fetching their hands far from this platform. Everyone has ended the discussion of the company’s legitimacy on their driven results because they were not ready yet. Now, the time has changed and everyone has their opinions and freedom of speech. Everyone can talk about its legitimacy, but only if they have something to argue about.

In my opinion, the HypeDrop mystery box platform is legit. How? Lemme explain! When we add payment to the platform, we become able to buy mystery boxes according to our preferences. Further, when we feel that now it’s enough, then we can easily withdraw our money in cryptocurrency form.

There are three types of cryptocurrencies that are takable: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Now, when the CEO takes action to cease every activity on the site, he suggests users withdraw their amount. As a result, these arguments are enough to prove that HypeDrop is a legitimate platform.

The Best HypeDrop Alternatives

Here is a list of the best HypeDrop alternatives.

Amazon Mystery Box

Sometimes, shoppers don’t receive their products, then Amazon packs them in a box and calls it a mystery box. Now, Amazon advertises them strategically on the platform to get revenue. Individuals who are willing to receive surprises can palce their orders and get the box in front of them in a few days. Further, it works as HypeDrop; therefore, I have added it to the list of alternatives.

Easy to orderCostly
Get orders on doorsteps
Worth it

Walmart Mystery Box

Unlike Amazon, Walmart only provides customers with Pokémon GO mystery boxes. However, it has some similarities with Hype Drop. If you are also concerned with the turn down of HypeDrop, then this will be your top choice.

Get orders in a few working daysAccessive kids items
Easy to order
Provide promo codes

Etsy Mystery Box

Etsy mystery box is a personalized option for individuals who are fascinated with surprises. This is like a blind date with a book lover because it is mostly filled with books. Unlike HypeDrop, it can be returned after 90 days.

Offer promo codes
Easily orderable
Worth it


Do you play games? If yes, then you are familiar with the Csgoroll mystery box platform because it provides users with in-game covers. For a game lover who prefers skins for each object, this platform is heaven.

Easy to playLow odd
Offer promo codes
Sell items in on-site currency


Finally, SkinClub is one of the most suitable HypeDrop alternatives because of its in-game skin-providing capability. Whenever you go for Wild Safari skins, then this will be your right choice. However, there is one con that you can’t get things easily so it is unlucky for you.

Easy to get itemsUnlucky
Get installed items
Provide promo codes

The Closing Note

HypeDrop is a web-based online mystery box provider platform that enables individuals to unbox their preferred box without any hint about rewards. This platform is coming to an end because the CEO has decided to turn it down. He said that he has no time to invest in that platform and doesn’t have senior leadership management. Once the public is addicted to surprises, then there is no way back. If you are one of that platform’s daily visitors, then I have gathered some best alternatives of HypeDrop for you.


Q1- How to withdraw from HypeDrop?

You need to click on the add cash button and then select the withdraw section. Select items to sales and withdraw your money in cryptocurrency form, whether bitcoin or another available option.

Q2- How does HypeDrop work?

You have to buy a mystery box without having any idea what is in it. When you move to unbox the mystery box, then you will get to know what was in it, whether it is really worth it or not.

Q3- What is HypeDrop?

HypeDrop is a web-based online mystery box-providing platform that enables users to unbox mystery boxes and get rewards in return.

Q4- Why is HypeDrop closing?

The CEO of HypeDrop said that he is closing it because he has a lack of senior leadership management.

Q5- What is the HypeDrop promo code?

A promo code is a set of specific numbers and letters that you can use to get a discount or free mystery boxes.

Q6- How to get free boxes on HypeDrop?

You can use promo codes to get free boxes. This is HypeDrop’s policy to provide users with free mystery boxes if they get a promo code.

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